A “masterpiece” and “Best Film of 2024” that delights critics.  Civil War is a thrilling war story that is a must-see for any movie fan
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18 March 2024, at 13:20

Civil War is the long-awaited thrilling war story from the creator of Ex Machina. Critics have praised the production, and reviews on Rotten Toamtoes and Metacritic promise a thrilling spectacle.

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It looks like the beginning of 2024 will be a very good year for cinema. It conquers the big screens Sand Dunes: Part Twoenabling movie lovers to enjoy such wonderful productions as Poor creatures, Anatomy of the Fall whether Kind strangers. Another noteworthy production will hit Polish cinema screens next month – Civil war From the prestigious A24 studio. Judging by what critics are saying about the work, we can expect a truly unique spectacle.

Civil war to A miserable war movie Presenting a bleak vision of the future in which the United States lives They descend into a brutal civil war. The expected production manager is Alex Garlanda film director whose credits include titles such as Previous machine, After 28 days I Extermination. The production features a fantastic cast, including: Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Cailee Spaeny, Karl Glusman and Nick Offerman, and is receiving rave reviews from critics.

in service Rotten tomatoes Title It has up to 89% positive reviewsand by Metacritic I collected 76 points. Critics praise the visual class of the action, Kirsten Dunst's performance, and the fact that the show is suspenseful and delivers strong emotions. Some journalists describe the production as a masterpiece and the best film of 2024.

Civil war It's amazing, a masterpiece and the best film of the year so far. This is a perfectly executed show. A breathtaking portrait of what it means to leave war-torn lands and how tragic it can be. The movie is terrifying and keeps you in suspense throughout the viewing. Hollywood handle.

It is an unsettling experience with a cacophonous accompaniment and mind-numbing war scenes. The cruelty is so great, so intense and overwhelming that you can almost taste the gunpowder in the air. inverse.

The film offers no easy answers, but rather than seeming superficial, its failure to clearly defend what is moral and what is immoral offers something more primal and more powerful. It's a film about a question that's still open: How much humanity is left in us? This makes the film provocative and unforgettable – AV Club.

Garland gave perhaps one of the harshest and most brutal performances of the year. This movie makes you think and stays in your mind for a long time – Collider.

Naturally, there are also negative opinions about the show, some critics They accuse The film is superficial and does not take an insider's point of view. They point out that the narrative is not the best the focus On form rather than content.

Decide whether it is worth going to the cinema Civil war, The trailer for Alex Garland's production will help you out.

Civil war It will debut in cinemas April 12, 2024.

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