More than 130 civilians were killed in the attack on the Dubrovka theater.  Twenty years have passed since the dramatic events |  News from the world

The offensive began around October 23. 21 local time. At that time, the second act of the musical “Nord-Ost” was taking place at the Dubrovka Theater. There were more than 900 people in the facility – artists and spectators.

The unit led by Messer Praju occupied the building and took hostages. The leader of the Chechen commandos demanded an immediate withdrawal forces Russian from Chechnya. Barayev issued an ultimatum giving him a week to fulfill. After this time, the terrorists began to kill the hostages.

On the night of October 23-24, after negotiations, the terrorists from the theater released all Muslims, Georgians, some children and some foreigners, as well as a man with a heart condition and a pregnant woman. Fifteen theater crew members also escaped from the building through the locker room window. Several people suspected of belonging to the Russian special forces were killed that night.

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Russia. Failed attack by the Russian army

On October 26, about 60 hours after the start of the offensive, Russian special forces launched an attack on the theater of operations. And before entering the special forces soldiers, anesthetic gas was released into the theater, which caused the hostages and terrorists to sleep. Thanks to this, anti-terrorists can safely enter the building.

The Russians killed 40 terrorists with bullets to the back of the head. The attack also resulted in the death of 129 sleeping hostages who poisoned themselves with gas. Despite the many casualties the President of Russia Vladimir Putin The operation to retake the theater from the hands of the terrorists was considered a success. At the same time, he lamented the number of victims.

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“The logic of the actions of dictators who put everything on one piece of paper is different from the logic of democratic countries.”

The tragedy in Moscow leaves many questions

20 years after these events, survivors still have many unanswered questions: Who is responsible for the consequences of restoring the building? Why did so many people die? Why weren’t doctors able to provide professional help to victims? [skarżyli się, że nie znają składu gazu, którego użyły siły zbrojne podczas szturmu – red.].

These are matters for which the authorities have never been held accountable. In 2007, investigators discontinued the investigation into the tragedy. Russian courts have repeatedly rejected complaints submitted by victims’ families to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Relatives of the dead have pressed Moscow to bring to justice those responsible for the deaths of civilians.

– We will not be able to avoid attacks in the future if we do not investigate past attacks, Dmitry Milovedov, head of the association of families of victims “Nord-Ost” told AFP.

Only two years after the siege of the Dubrovka theater in Chechnya separation They attacked a school in Beslan. As a result, 334 people were killed and about 700 were injured, 450 of whom were hospitalized. 32 attackers were also killed.

– Forgetting our mistakes, we make them again – said Irina Khramtsova, the woman who lost her father in the attack on the stage. Until the authorities learn to correct their mistakes, such attacks will repeat themselves. She said this was my worst nightmare.

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