Finland is closer to NATO.  The Turkish Parliament ratified the law

The Turkish parliament was the last of all 30 NATO countries to ratify Finland’s membership. He made a similar decision earlier this week Hungarian Parliament.

As the Turkish president made clear in March Recep Tayyip ErdoganFinland got the parliament’s “blessing” after taking concrete steps to meet Ankara’s expectations. It concerns, among other things, the handing over of Kurdish fighters whom Turkey considers terrorists.

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The Finnish government confirmed in a statement after the vote in the Turkish parliament that “NATO membership will enhance Finland’s security and improve stability and security in the Baltic Sea region and Northern Europe.”

President of Finland Sully Niinisto In turn, he emphasized that Finland would be “a strong and competent ally committed to the security of the alliance.”

Finland is getting closer to NATO

Finland’s membership will be the first expansion since North Macedonia joined the alliance in 2020.

In order for a country to finally become a member of the Alliance, the following formalities are required: Once the certification processes are complete, Türkiye and Hungary will send their documents to the US administration – The United States, according to the founding treaty of the alliance, is its depositary.

Then the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg Finland is officially invited to join NATO. The final step will be the country’s submission of the instrument of accession signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

As soon as the Finnish instrument of accession reaches the US State Department, The Nordic country officially becomes a member of NATO Reuters explains. The agency adds that member states hope that Finland and Sweden will expand the alliance by July 11, when the NATO summit will be held in Vilnius.

What about Sweden?

Finland and Sweden have been trying to join NATO since last year. It urged the governments of the countries to submit applications and expedite the procedures Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Sweden’s app has been blocked by Turkey, saying the country is not taking enough action to fight Kurdish militants. Budapest also did not make a decision on Sweden.

Finland stands by Sweden now and in the future and supports its proposal – reassured the Finnish Prime Minister Marina Sanaa After voting in Türkiye.

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