Dominic Marchand’s murder: “Dominic is the reason I’m alive,” his mother says

Dominique Marchand’s mother has paid moving tributes to her daughter and son-in-law as her husband, businessman Daniel Langlois, was killed on the island of Dominica.

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The mother’s message was posted Thursday on the Facebook page of the alumni association of Mont-Saint-Louis, the private high school in Montreal where Ms. Marchand graduated in 1982.

“Dominic is my rare pearl, my reason for living,” said the victim’s mother, who said she was “devastated” by her daughter’s murder, “generous, gentle, smiling, kind, loving, sensible, genuine. [et] Educator”.

“Dominique studied at McGill University, then Harvard (East Asian Art Studies) and Beijing University. She spoke fluent Mandarin, Italian and impeccable English. She was an inspiration to each of us. A lover of nature at all levels and respected it,” her mother said. .

She has kind words for the relationship between Dominic and Danielle.

“This couple was symbiotic in every way. Simple looks were enough. Visionaries for a better world. You will always be in my heart,” she shared.

According to Dominica police, the bodies of two Quebecers were found in their burnt-out car after they were ambushed and killed last week.

Two suspects have been arrested and charged, with Jonathan Lehrer, the couple’s next-door neighbor, getting into a dispute over access to the road.

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