Awards in Media |  La Presse and Stéphan Bureau were rewarded

Journalist Mayssa Ferah, from the daily Newspaper, And host Stephen Bureau was one of the big winners of the first In Media Awards.

Correspondent assigned to criminal and police affairs, Mayssa Ferah dominated the relief category for her work and the “humanity” that emanates from it, host Marie-Louise Arsenault explained during a program broadcast Wednesday evening on Télé-Québec.

This special event aims to highlight the work of Quebec media artists and artisans over the past few months.

For his part, Stephen Biro was crowned Media Personality of the Year. In an interview with Marie-Louise Arsenault, host An upside down world He admitted that he was not “crazy” to receive such an award. “Our work should not be the center of attention,” said TVA’s president.

Invited to compare TVA and Radio-Canada, Stephen Biro pointed out that TVA has a strong DNA “and we understand that very quickly, not necessarily. [celui] Radio Canada”.

Photo provided by TÉLÉ-QUÉBEC

Stephen Bureau in an interview with Marie-Louise Arsenault in the media

The host admits that he does not have complete freedom An upside down world, a show where Quebecois’ big boss, Pierre-Carl Pelado, is very involved. Could he call the businessman’s ex-wife Julie Snyder? It’s a battle he doesn’t want to fight for “obvious reasons,” the interviewer replied. “Have we thought about this this year? Obviously. […] But I think it would have been clumsy,” Stephen Biro said.

as Pres reported last year, The world is upside down Stephen Bureau confirmed that TVA’s antenna should be picked up in the spring of 2022. But because the team was “not satisfied”, the network wanted to postpone its launch by a few months.

Will TVA give a second season to a television show that draws 500,000 to 600,000 live viewers every Friday evening? The host said he didn’t know the answer.

For everyone

The awards were divided among various media groups.

The prize for international reporting was awarded to Noovo Info journalist Louis-Philippe Bourdeau for his work in the war zone in Ukraine.

Radio-Canada’s Brigitte Noel and Pasquale Turbaid were awarded the Prize for Investigative Journalism for their reporting on the Robert Miller affair presented on the show. Investigation on Here TV.

CAQ Minister Jean Boulet was awarded the media flexibility award for false reporting on immigration. Angie Augustin, aka Citron Rose, was named Content Creator of the Year and Ivano Demers, Photographer of the Year.

Winners are determined by a panel of contributors to the show in the mediaComposed by Vanessa Destiné, Arnaud Granata, Philippe Léger and Monic Néron.

When it comes to audience awards for the three topics with the most media space according to the Leger poll, the pandemic came first, Harry and Meghan second, then Ukraine third.

in the media will return for a seventh season in September, announced Marie-Louise Arsenault at the end of the show.

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