Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It’s not a movie, but a great event that really evokes tremendous emotions. For the first time in history, Marvel Studios has decided to disable comments on official accounts related to a Marvel production to avoid spoilers. Given the first opinions, there are many surprises and most of them have not been leaked to the network.

Doctor Strange 2 Reviews

Everyone agrees: Marvel made a horror movie within the MCU rules. Journalists explain it Sam RaimiWho started in horror movies, and created a cult classic The dead evil He made a movie that feels really intimidating no matter what age group in any MCU movie. And we know that Remy can be intimidating without relying on graphic gory scenes. We read that using the camp style known to fans, he managed to create the scariest Marvel movie to date: we have the so-called jump horror, physical horror elements and I quote: “Satanic Murders.” Raimi took full advantage of his terrifying roots, creating the freshness in the MCU that fans have been waiting for. According to journalists Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness He has the most brutal scenes in the history of the universe. Of course, the dark atmosphere sometimes breaks out of the humor, but that too is maintained in the director’s specific style. However, it was emphasized that, unlike other MCU films, there is a bit of humor because Sam Raimi focuses on the darkness and seriousness of the evil that is happening on screen. One journalist stated that it was a film about the attraction to darkness and the struggle to not be eaten.

That’s why we read it Elizabeth Olsen You have created a better acting performance than the highly praised one WandaVision: They call it terrifying and give bonuses to the artist Wanda / Scarlet Witch. However, they claim that Benedict Cumberbatch also created one of the best creations in the history of the universe. While Zochitel Gomez In the role of America, Chavez steals the viewers and – as he announced – steals the hearts of the viewers.

Dr. Gharib 2 – Optical Madness

Journalists in one voice praise it visually as something unusual, unusual, crazy and unforgettable. In this regard, this film is considered innovative, interesting and unique. They say it’s a visual experience that’s hard to compare to anything else. We are supposed to have many magical moments in the movie that fans will remember forever. There are also moments that will shock fans.

We read that this is the strangest and most disgusting Marvel movie. They also commend Marvel and Sam Raimi for the director’s creative freedom, because it’s pretty clear that’s his movie, and his style, which falls short of what the MCU is used to. The crazier the movie gets.

There are a few journalists who accuse this movie too quickly. They claim that what they saw gives them mixed feelings, but they did not develop their own ideas. However, some criticize the movie because it seems to have too many characters here. Sometimes the movie looks intentionally disorganized and therefore not everything works and does not work as it should. There are also opinions that contradict what other journalists say about Al-Rimi’s method. His handwriting is supposed to be noticeable, but in the end it’s supposed to make way for the cohesive character of other MCU products. Some also point out that while Elizabeth Olsen’s role is great, Wanda’s story isn’t executed in the best way.

In short: the story is closed and the creators are focused on it, not the links with the MCU entirely. No one directly referred to the events WandaVision, but this phrase suggests that without knowing the show, everything is understandable. Journalists say one thing: watch while they know as little as possible.

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