Bruno (Michael ChurawskiHe is the best couples therapist in town. As a teenager, he prevented the breakdown of his parents’ marriage. He chose to help others solve their relationship problems. He has a knack for it. Unfortunately, happiness does not extend to his private life. There is a fate going on for a man. Well, every woman who approaches him suffers from misfortune. It’s heartbreaking that a man’s best friend is the surgeon who saw his ex-partners in the hospital. When Bruno decides to give up and spend his life alone, Malwina stands in his way (Weronika Książkiewicz). A woman has a chance to design the first Polish electric car.

The script for this movie falls to duo Wojciech Saramonowicz and Hanna Węsierska, the authors of the Netflix comedy that hasn’t received that well. Taming the Shrew. The creators bring in a lot of heroes who don’t really know what to do with them. For example, we have a girlfriend of the main character, Beti, played by Aleksandra Domańska, whose potential is practically not used. You can see that at first the authors had an idea about it, but decided to reject it after 15 minutes of the movie. Domańska appears from time to time to deliver 2-3 sentences. It is similar to Krzysztof Czeczot, whose role is mainly a few homosexual situational jokes. You can also abandon the theme of the couple, which was helped by the main character. Anthony Krulikowski and Claudia Halleggio are so exaggerated that they don’t fit in with the rest of the cast. Their sightings are disturbing – the viewer is eagerly waiting for her to finish. It’s not the actors’ fault, it’s just that the plot is very poorly written and it was impossible to memorize.

However, there are also well-written and well-led supporting characters – like the head of the agency where Malwina works, played by Thomas Karolak. A two-faced, corny professional will do anything to please a client. Karolak gives it character, the character is full-bodied and funny. It is similar to the president who heads the national institution. The politician is trying to be the greatest patriot in the country. He is the man everyone fears. Przemysław Bluszcz does not fall into this role in a parody, but rather hits the undertones we know from Polish politics. He created a real persona strongly reminiscent of a former prime minister.

Piotr Machalica also appears in the movie, which was his last movie role. The actor passed away in December 2020. And I must say, it was great to see him on screen. The role may not be big, but it made me smile.

The film is stolen by the brothers from the monastery where Bruno begins his story. Attracting attention is Jacek Beler and Grzegorz Sprawardlak. It is a pity that they rarely appear on the screen. They can have their own show!

The main couple in love, Książkiewicz and Żurawski, are also decent. It is easy for the viewer to think that they love each other and want to fight for that love. There are no forced scenes between them. Everything comes out naturally for them.

Happiness comes in pairs It’s a very mixed movie – with lots of characters and jokes that aren’t always fun. It has its own moments thanks to the show that does not cause any major inconvenience to the viewer. We do not get bored in the cinema chair and eagerly look at the clock. However, it’s also not a production we want to return to. It’s a romantic movie to forget.

Happiness comes in pairs

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