April 1, 2023


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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – Anson Mount comments on his performance. I was surprised by the suggestion

Note: The text includes spoilers!

in the movie Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness We got to see some totally unexpected guest looks. Cast members regularly talk about their involvement in the productions; distance Charlize Theronwho appeared in the post-credits scene as Clea, has now taken a similar move Anson Mount.

Remember that in the latter part of the MCU he portrayed Blackagar Boltagon aka Black Bolt, who sat on the set of the Illuminati from Earth-838. Mount’s presence on screen would have surprised many viewers; The actor repeated his role from the famous series No Marvel Humans From 2017. He is now applying to return to Black Bolt as follows:

After all, I can talk about it without revealing too many spoilers. phone call from Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios – Author’s Note) It was one of the most unexpected things in my life. It was an honor and a joy for me to finally be able to work with him Sam ReemHe totally got me and is committed to showing you the best way to do it. I am more than grateful for this experience.

Let’s add that on Tuesday (17.05) Dr. Gharib 2 It crossed the $700 million mark in global box office revenue – this score includes $297.4 million from the North American market and $406.4 million from the rest of the world. Analysts expect the film to break the $800 million revenue barrier this weekend, and a $1 billion revenue boost looks more realistic.

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