Matthews Gambrot in ecstasy.  This was his reaction to the victory.  Cloakroom - o2 . movie

It was crazy. Matthews presented Jamrot in the fight of the evening during the UFC Vegas 57 ceremony, and his opponent was Arman Karukcan.

Warriors lasted five rounds in the octagon. The “player” looked much better and it was he who triumphed in this confrontation – the unanimous vote of the judges.

The pole went mad with joy. It was his fourth consecutive victory in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The 31-year-old was even happier because his opponent, according to bookmakers, was the favourite. Gamrot will be in the top ten with a weight of 70.3 kg. Get close to fighting for the belt.

Khabib Nurmagomedov was very impressed with the pole fight. Matthews Jamroth himself emphasized that it was a difficult duel. At the same time, he showed all skeptics that he has the potential to become the best fighter in the world in his class.

The victory of Matthews Jamrot. So have fun in the locker room

Matthews Jamroth was also in a great mood after returning to the toilet. Social media circulated a recording showing him jumping with joy and expressing his feelings.

Watch Matthews Jamroth’s joy in the toilet. Attention! The video below contains vulgar vocabulary.

I’m number one, yeah! F*** um. You did it, you did it! yes! Fifth Battle, Fourth Reward. The future champion, for sure – Matthews Gambrot shrieked in the toilet.

Matthews Jamrow has fought 22 professional martial arts fights so far. He made his debut in 2012 against Arbi Shamayev. He lost only once – on October 17, 2020, Guram Kutateladze turned out to be better than him (according to the judges’ decision). Since then, “Gamer” has defeated Scott Holtzman, Jeremy Stevens, Diego Ferreira and Arman Karukjan.

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