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The future is far. Todd Hewitt lives on another planet, in a settlement made up entirely of men. In addition, some characteristics of their new residence mean that each of them has a so-called noise, that is, the perception of their thoughts, which is very difficult to control. One day, a spacecraft crashes into the nearby forest, and Viola is the only survivor. Todd decides to help her, which will make Mayor Prentice angry. They will have to flee…

Moving Chaos (2021) – Movie Review (Amazon). It’s boring and stupid…

If you associate such humor with something, then it is absolutely true. animate chaos It can be attributed to the subgenre of adventure films, which is YA (Youth). The film was shot even in 2017, but then a lot of nuts were made, everything was reassembled, in general it is clear that something did not work out. And because it’s only appeared now, it has fallen behind in the wave of popularity of YA productions, which in 2017 began to be a memory. No wonder, then, that it didn’t work (with a $100 million budget, the film made just over a quarter of that amount worldwide).

However, the low popularity of this type of production is not the only reason for this. behind animate chaos Answers Doug Lyman, who wrote The Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow, among others, but also made the deadly jumper. Unfortunately this time it is much closer to the latter’s level. There are many errors. First of all, the presented world is not very interesting and very poorly developed. In truth, I don’t know what the rules are, no matter how strong the preacher is. The noise itself was not specifically explained (let’s say it’s not necessary), but it was developed. That is, it seems to me that the characters have very few ideas, and often – given the age of the audience to which the film is directed – they are very polite. This makes the general concept somewhat compelling and believable.

Second, the creators are clearly following the headline message – men think mainly of force, war, violence and such things, they are anarchists and brutalists who sometimes hide their cowardice. From time to time, Todd tells himself that he must be a real man, which means that, for example, he cannot show feelings after something terrible has happened. Which of course is silly. Even the idea of ​​showing how men’s ego can lead the world to destruction is a bad idea in itself (in Mad Max: Fury Road it worked brilliantly). Here, however, it is simply plain and boring.

Moving Chaos (2021) – Movie Review (Amazon). Switch to torture wheel

As if that wasn’t enough, the movie animate chaos He suffers from a lack of interesting characters. Todd, played by Tom Holland, is totally unremarkable. Well, he is a young boy trying to think for himself and not submit to the dictates of his elders. Daisy Ridley plays Viola, but without much conviction, which isn’t surprising considering we probably know less about her heroine than we do about Todd. Over the course of the movie, neither of them have changed much, and the relationship that develops between them doesn’t turn up the heat. There is also a lack of chemistry here. Unfortunately, Mads Mikkelsen as Mayor of Prentice doesn’t have much to do. He is just an expressionless villain and an interesting character.

to be honest, animate chaos In my opinion, it deserves the rating I gave, but when I look like this, I haven’t written anything particularly positive about this production. And I still don’t know if there’s anything to praise her. What’s more, because one can still complain that the $100 million budget isn’t visible here at all, the special effects are at best on average. It’s all predictable too, incredibly slow and going, because there’s no tension here. In other words, animate chaos It’s a movie that I definitely wouldn’t recommend playing.

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