Do you know what happens to used hotel soap?  They don't throw it away

Everyone who has ever stayed in a hotel has used small bars of hotel soap. However, few people used it to the end. Few people wonder what happens to such a partially used cube. Obviously, for hygiene reasons, each customer receives fresh, sanitized soap. Those that have already been opened are treated as waste. However, this does not mean that it should be discarded.

There are already many organizations around the world working to recover and recycle soap. The Resoap project has been operating in Poland since November 2021. The person behind this idea is Jaroslaw Kidron from Krakow, who combines soap recycling with full-time work at a company working in the chemical industry. His interest in the subject, which began with a conversation with a colleague, has turned into a task to which he devotes almost all of his free time.

A soapy path through agony

When Jaroslav Kidron started looking for a way to recycle soap, he first thought of converting the bars into liquid form. – It was 90% successful. However, it lacked some important features, primarily the right consistency, says the entrepreneur in an interview with Business Insider Polska. — I decided to start from scratch and make soap bars. It took me about a year to develop the whole process, he adds.

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