Jennifer Lopez gets angry with a guest at her wedding… Kris Jenner denies “outing” Scott Disick…

August 29, 2022

Halsey performed at Leeds Festival despite food poisoning

“I don’t know how I’m still alive.” Thus Hulsey His latest gig at the Leeds Festival, UK was brief. The singer actually picked up the microphone while suffering from bad food poisoning!

And she explained a Instagram Stories The day after her performance, Saturday morning, she doesn’t remember it very well. “I’ve played gigs in terrible conditions before, but last night was the worst. I felt like I was constantly on Thursday. Thank you for being so nice and letting me do my best to survive the concert!”, he wrote while thanking the festival’s medical team. This minor disappointment did not prevent him from performing at Reading the next day.

Jennifer Lopez vented her anger against a guest at her wedding

Kris Jenner denies she “split” Scott Disick from the Kardashian clan

In the Kardashian family, the women rule the roost. Now it’s up to Courtney, the eldest Married to Travis BarkerMany fans wonder why Scott DiscHer ex, and the father of her three children, was not at their home New show on Disney+. Accusation from there Kris JennerThe mother-in-law has only one step left to “share” her son-in-law… this prompts the mother-manager to react.

“Scott will not be kicked out of our family…he is the father of my grandchildren and holds a special place…we love him, (said) wrong! “, is to write Kris Jenner on Instagram.

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