Biedronka is making an exception and will trade on Christmas Eve and holidays.  How long are the stores open?

Biedronka extends his working hours to more than 3.1 thousand. The branches, most of which will be open until Saturday 23 December, at least until 11pm. There is also a special pre-Christmas promotion. Anyone who purchases oranges on Friday, December 22, or tangerines on Saturday, December 23, will receive a 100% refund of their value in the form of a voucher to use at Biedronka for subsequent purchases. However, the most interesting thing is that the network is making a kind of exception and will be traded on Sunday, December 24, 2023. Biedronka open on Christmas Eve? Check out what it's all about.

Stores are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Will Biedronka be opened?

Shops Open in christmas eve It was usually until 1:00 PM or 2:00 PM maximum but December 24, 2023 is different, because Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday subject to a trade embargo. Shops are also closed throughout this period ChristmasThat is, December 25 and 26. But it turns out there is an exception, which is… Ladybug. This was reported by On Christmas Eve this year Glovo You will process orders placed as part of the Biek Service until 4:00 p.m. in Christmas, December 25th The service will not be available while you are there The second day of Christmas, December 26th It will start at 8:00. This means that Shopping in Biedronka With Glovo's courier service you will reach us christmas eve I The second day of Christmas. It will be the same on New Year's Day and Epiphany.

Christmas Eve shopping. Biedronka stores will be open in these cities

Poznan, Krakow, Wrocław, Warsaw, Łódź, Gdańsk, Olsztyn and Bydgoszcz – these cities are located in christmas eve they will Open Biedronka, through which you will be able to order purchases online in the Glovo application. Those who do not live in these major cities will have long shopping times Saturday 23 December. All over Poland Ladybug prolongs work hours At this most intense time, before Christmas. The day before Christmas Eve, Biedronka will be open at least until 11 p.m

Biedronka's new stores. The chain opened 20 stores before Christmas

A few days before Christmas, Biedronka opened 20 more stores across Poland, both in big cities and small towns. Here are the sites:

  • Krazevici, Sh. Wielonska 57
  • Jawornik955
  • Linio, May. Lacqua 35
  • Mukwu, Sh. Boca 3
  • Kozzalin, Sh. Szczecinska 57F
  • Lublin, Sh. Wronyikigo 12
  • Piastov, Sh. Warsawska 3B
  • Warsaw, st. Shvedzka 43
  • Suwalki, Sh. Visinskigo 4
  • Chelm, Sh. Loska 105
  • Radzionko, Sh. Nalkovska 2/5
  • Przevorsk, Sh. Open 17
  • Szczecin, Sh. Bulika 9
  • Lubyanka, Sh. Torunska 75
  • Stalwa Walla, Mai. Jana Paula II 3
  • Goszczanov, Sh. Blaszkowska 20a
  • Blaschke, Lobanov 12
  • Warsaw, al. Krakowska 291
  • Rakov, Sh. Lagowska 28
  • Bonke, Sh. Wiszogrodzka 29a.

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