The Theory of Everything – the life story of Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane

Stephen William Hawking, British physicist Theory of Relativity Astrophysics and cosmology, he was a world-renowned scientist and great promoter of science.

Before he became ill, he rode horses and was a member of the rowing team. When he lost his balance one day and fell down the stairs and hit his head, he was worried about whether this accident would impair his intellectual abilities. It was not long before doctors discovered the truth. The role of Stephen Hawking will be played by the young British actor Eddie Redmayne, and Jane will play the role of Felicity Jones. Jane makes a decision: she will stay by Steven's side through thick and thin. They are both convinced that in two years, as the doctors have announced, Stephen will no longer exist in the world. The film shows what their marriage was like. With Jane's persistence and support, Stephen overcomes many of the obstacles associated with the disease. Although gradual Body paralysisHis mind remains sharp, allowing him to develop theories about time and black holes that will bring him world fame. His book, “A Brief History of Time,” became a best-seller, and he became one of the most famous scholars in history.

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