“Sherlock Holmes 3”: What about the movie?  Producer Susan Downey spoke

Susan Downey is currently giving interviews to promote the final season of Lady. During one of the conversations He was asked about the continuation of the story of the famous detective with Robert Downey Jr. Having Lou in the main roles. However, it is not entirely certain whether anything will make you happy.

The producer admitted this From time to time the subject of the next film in the series returns, but production matters have not progressed. despite of No one ultimately gave up on this productionIt is difficult to predict what the future holds for her.

Although we will probably have to wait a long time for the movie, we know this Guy RitchieDirector of both films, He is currently working on the series “Young Sherlock Holmes”.

“Sherlock Holmes 3” It was meant to be a prequel to creating a larger detective world focused on investigations. He will be especially responsible for directing this sequel Dexter Fletcher.

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