Netizens’ reaction to Konopsky’s new movie!

The scandal with Polish YouTubers was sparked by a shocking film directed by Wardęga, which provided evidence that the most famous Polish YouTubers Stuu, Boxdel and Marcin Dubiel sent sexual messages to underage girls.

Marcin Dobell broke the silence! “I completely isolate myself from Stuart.”

Only a few hours after publishing the material, the aforementioned YouTubers felt the first consequences of the scandal – Boxdel was expelled from the Fame MMA federation, and Dubiel and Stuu’s ex-girlfriend, Fagata, who was involved in the whole thing, lost their cooperation with coach Szyszka. The police have already dealt with the whole matter and, as reported on Twitter, the materials have been secured and sent for analysis.

At the same time, Internet users were eagerly awaiting the continuation of the investigation dubbed “PandoraGate” and the film that was scheduled to appear on Konopski’s channel and which was supposed to “shake the entire Polish Internet.”

The first consequences for Marcin Dobell and Buxdale are already clear. They end cooperation with them

Netizens react to Konopski’s long-awaited film “The Dark Past of Polish YouTuber”

Finally, the film that all of Poland had been waiting for was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, October 8, a few minutes after 8 p.m. Material lasting more than an hour was presented More damning evidence of Stuart “Stu” Burton’s guilt And hit Confusing translations by Marcin Dobel and Buxdaleas we introduce the world to the names of subsequent YouTubers who had a weakness for underage girls and frustration with young men – it was them DJ Balasid, Vertez, Voytaz and DeSoskiy.

In the video, Konopski confirmed that he and Wardęga intend to continue investigating the case, in cooperation with the police and the prosecutor’s office. “The Dark Past of Polish YouTube” In just one hour, it received 1 million views and more than 17,000 comments.

Wardęga suddenly had to end the live broadcast: ‘I was overwhelmed by everything’

What do netizens who have been eagerly waiting for the recording think of Konopsky’s film? Opinions are sharply divided. Some people congratulated him on the enormous amount of work he had done, and were horrified by the subsequent information that came to light:

  • Respect the enormous amount of work that was put into it!
  • I hope that the future of the Polish scene will change for the better. Thank you very much hemp
  • All of Poland has been waiting for this, thank you
  • Respecting cannabis, it was worth the wait for this substance. Don’t let him get away with it
  • It scares me that childhood YouTubers were capable of such things…
  • After watching the entire movie, I’m angry because it can’t be described as sad. Childhood idols turn out to be the worst kind of people, and I would have given a lot to have this stuff leaked all those years ago. My parents would have warned me about these people then, and I could have been their victim myself at that time.
  • What’s happening now is crazy, respect this article
  • They should show this material at every school meeting so all parents are aware of the crap on the internet! I did well!

However, there were also people They were disappointed by the film and admitted that much of the material was a repeat of Wardęga’s film. Some netizens were hoping that the “movie that was supposed to shock the Internet” would include more solid evidence and well-known names:

  • I honestly expected more than everyone knew
  • Given all the hype and hype, I was expecting a lot more, but in fact I found out that Paxton was the Silesian MMA Champion.
  • I was expecting something stronger
  • Good material but not as strong as advertised, the stuu theme is presented very well, the rest I see as its flaws, and this does not change the fact that this film was in demand.
  • Honestly, I was expecting this material to be much stronger and heavier
  • I was expecting something more, half informed from Wardęga’s film. Either way, you’re doing a great job and keep it up

what do you think?

Boxdale speaks again. Reveals new evidence!


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