British “What car?” Published a rating of brands that produce – in a global sense – the most reliable cars. The data confirmed some stereotypes, but there were also some surprises.

Emergency reports often use hard data (eg from mandatory inspections). This approach provides credibility but limits the scope of knowledge that is taken into account. The British have a different approach. “Which car?” Every year it offers its users to participate in a survey about failure rates. In it, research participants describe “adventures” with their cars. This is how an unusual rating is created.

In “What car?” The price includes cars no more than 5 years old. Not only is the fact that a fault occurred, but also the cost and time of repairing it, as well as whether the car stopped moving as a result of the fault.. Based on this data, a model is created for each of them The reliability index is expressed as a percentage. The higher its value, the better.

The rest of the article is below the video

Now “What car?” The results of the survey were published in relation not to car models, but to their brands. Here are the results:

As you can easily notice, most of the leaders are producers from Japan and Korea. This corresponds to the opinions generally accepted by motorists. However, Dacia's 11th place may come as a surprise. It is not only a European brand, but also a budget brand. Despite this, it managed to overtake the BMW, for example, and performed slightly worse than the Volvo.

Data “What car?” It should, of course, be treated as indicative. Even the best brands may find a model that does not live up to the manufacturer's reputation. On the other hand, brands that are not perceived as being robust above average may succeed in having a model that outperforms their competitors in terms of reliability. However, there is some truth in every such statistic.

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