In the video |  A big surprise for Gino Sounard during the “Sult Bonjour” performance

Host Gino Chouinard, who will host “Salt Bonger” in June 2024, was treated to quite a surprise on air Tuesday morning.

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When he was on a press tour with Philippe Vincent-Fosey, the latter informed him that he would be receiving a medal from a member of the National Assembly.

Gino Soinard, who had been the leader of the “Salt Bonjour” for 20 years, was very surprised not to know that. The entire team came to congratulate him and applaud him.

The medal is awarded to individuals or organizations who have exemplified the welfare of their community in the fields of culture, sports, social or entrepreneurship and deserve recognition from their Member of Parliament.

Nathalie Roy, Speaker of the National Assembly and Member of Parliament for Monterville, wants to bestow the honor on him.

“A natural coordinator, her entire career as a communicator was built on respect and kindness. For over 30 years, this presenter knows how to maintain the public’s loving appreciation. It is our turn to show our gratitude to her with this badge of honor,” underscores Ms. Roy in a press release.

The medal will be presented at an official ceremony in Parliament Buildings in May 2024.

Over the years, Gino Chouinard has always been popular with the public, winning 14 Artis Trophies for Best Presenter in the Service Show category.

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