The war in Ukraine.  Oleksij Arestowycz: The Russians are trying to eliminate the defenders of Mariupol

Aristovich announced that the Orthodox Easter is underway and the Russian troops “They have mobilized all the resources at their disposal“Through the implementation of Azovstal Air and artillery attacks.

Like the other president’s advisor before Mikhailo Podolak, he suggested to Russia “to think of the remnants of its reputation”, and to this end three “Mariopolian steps” were required. First of all – the announcement of the actual Easter truce in Mariupol. Secondly – Urgent humanitarian corridor opened for civilians. Thirdly, to agree to a “special round of negotiations” so that the Ukrainian side can remove its soldiers from Azovstal or replace them with Russian prisoners.

Azovstal is the main point of the Ukrainian resistance in MariupolWhich was besieged by the Russian forces at the beginning of March, then occupied most of them.

the presidents of Ukraine and Turkey, Volodymyr Zelensky And Recep Tayyip Erdogan The Ukrainian president discussed over the phone potential security guarantees for Ukraine, on Twitter.

Zelensky said the day before Erdogan’s scheduled meeting with the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin He also raised with the Turkish leader “issues related to Ukraine’s defense potential and global food security, which are being jeopardized by the obstruction of ship movement in the Black Sea.”

The Ukrainian president stressed the need to immediately evacuate civilians from Mariupol, including the Azovstal plant, as well as replace the soldiers trapped there.

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