Guy Jodoin mentored two young children who became very famous artists

Guy Jodoin was this Monday’s guest Sweet salt.

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Melanie Maynard Got his friend Guy JodoinReverend Dean Sweet salt, for lively conversation. The show gave them an opportunity to discuss Guy’s first work break in a while.

Guy Jodoin shares his daring plan: a 25-day trip to Europe, with no pre-planning. “I bought a plane ticket to Amsterdam, but I didn’t rent a hotel or a place to sleep. I didn’t plan anything, I’ll see how it goes.”

The boldness of this approach surprised Melanie Maynard: “It’s incredible how well prepared and organized you are in your career. In your personal life, there are a lot of concessions that you allow yourself to lead. You keep us alive.

We learned that in the future, Guy Jodoin would like to teach at a theater school. He considers it important to give advice to those who want to do the same job as him. “When I was 12 years old, I wrote a letter to the actors and I didn’t get a reply. Then I told myself, if someone wants to talk to you about your work, you’re going to make time. Because you can make a difference in someone’s life.”

He explains that in the past a young man in his twenties dreamed of doing the same job, which stopped him from asking him questions.

“He said he wanted to do this job, so I took the time. Talk, talk, talk, talk, he had a lot of questions. Later, the same guy comes back to me and says I gave him the advice. That was it. Jai Du Koil».

and host Cheater Second incident: “Another time, I’m in a church and my daughter is playing the violin. A little man comes to see me with his father, and his father pushes him towards me. Once again, he tells me he wants to do this job, so I advise him. Years later, a big guy came up to me and told me he was the little guy from church. It was Pierre-Luc Funk».

It shows that interacting with artists we admire can take us far.

At the end of the interview, Guy Jodoin announced that Cheater The 14th year will return in the fall and will be in anime.

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