June 5, 2023


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A bike with square wheels is being ridden by a Ukrainian engineer [WIDEO]

A bike with square wheels is being ridden by a Ukrainian engineer [WIDEO]

The author of the YouTube channel The Q, Toronto-based Ukrainian engineer Sergey Gordeev, constantly surprises with his inventions. Recently, he boasted of building a bike with square wheels that move thanks to cassettes that look like tank tracks. And it’s not the only unique bike he designed this spring.

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In a bicycle designed by Sergei Gordeev, the square wheels remain stationary while the caterpillars move around their edges. The caterpillar tracks were made of rubber tires, which were cut and fitted to a frame made of bicycle chains. The wheels attach to a standard bicycle frame. The car has two gears with pedals. “Making square wheels to fit a bike was one of the craziest projects I’ve ever done,” Gordeev admits.

In the recording posted on DIY The Q channel, we can see not only the homemade process of creating this car, but also what it’s like to ride it. While the advantage is that you can spin with square wheels, the disadvantages include the fact that it does The bike moves very slowly and the running tracks are a bit noisy.

No matter what limitations this bike has, it has caused great interest among netizens. Within eight days, the video had 5.3 million views.

The creator of Q Channel built another surprising bike this spring— Measuring only a few centimeters in length, it is a pedal-powered vehicle capable of lifting a driver weighing up to 100kg.

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