Did he go for free?  The former Real Madrid star is ironic about Lewandowski's football transfer

The transfer saga, with the participation of Robert Lewandowski, is finally over. column He eventually moved to Barcelona for around 50 million euros, which he would be bound by a three-year contract, guaranteeing him a net profit of nine million euros a year. The striker is currently in Miami with the rest of the new squad, where he has already undergone medical tests.

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Interview with Christian Falk from Belda about Robert Lewandowski’s transfer

Gonzalo Higuain admired Lewandowski. “He’s a monster physically.”

Lewandowski’s move to Barcelona has impressed fans and is widely commented on around the world. accompanying emotions Transfer Lewandowski, a certain illusion similar to that born earlier RonaldinhoBarcelona ambassador and former player Bileti told Mundo Deportivo.

Inter Miami striker Gonzalo also commented on the Polish move Higuain. Ironically, the Argentine indicated the amount that Barcelona He got a football player. – Forgive the ignorance, he went free? 50 million euros? Phew, it would be a great transition. In today’s football, money is spent on Lewandowski They seem nothing. When you joined Real Madrid in 2007, you had to be a great player if you were paying for someone. Higuain told Catalunya Radio that we now have inflation, elders, but if you cross 50 million euros at 34, you must be a really big player.

The Polish station will display Barcelona matches. Chance to watch Lewandowski debut

The striker is also impressed by Lewandowski’s skills. – Robert won Champions League two years ago. He is one of the best strikers in the world. Age doesn’t really matter. Take a look at Karim Benzema. Higuain added that Lewandowski is a monster in terms of physical preparation.

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Gonzalo Higuain is the Argentine striker. In the past, he performed, inter alia, in Real MadridNapoli, Juventus and Milan. Since 2020, he is a player for Inter Miami. Appeared in the national team in 75 matchesHe scored 31 goals. With the national team, he reached the world runner-up in 2014. On Wednesday, his club plays a friendly match against Barcelona.

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