Michael: An unknown person remains.  Check the format of the tables

The sixteenth day of the Women’s Volleyball World Cup has ended. Six meetings were held on Saturday. It is still unknown who will complete the quarter-finals. Check out how the tables look now.

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belgium volleyball players

Press materials / FIVB / Pictured: Belgian volleyball players

On Friday, the meetings of the fourth round of the second stage of the 2022 Women’s World Cup were held. In Group F, where the Polish national team competed, all matches have already been played. On Sunday you will see three more Group E clashes.

The Italian team finished first in Group E, with the Chinese 3-0 on Sunday. Brazil took second place with the same budget, beating Italy (3:2), but scored fewer points. In her last match, she concluded her promotion to the quarter-finals with a 3-1 victory over Belgium.

It is also certain that there will be Japanese women currently in third place. Only the Chinese can overtake them, but they have not yet participated in certain matches in the next stage of the tournament. The Chinese team will decide everything on Sunday against Belgium, which, although currently fifth, could still make it into the top four. condition? He won the last game of this stage.

However, everything is already clear in Group F. In the first place, the second stage of the World Volleyball Championship ended with an undefeated Serbia, which finally expelled Turkey (3: 0). On the other hand, the USA had problems in the confrontation with Thailand, but eventually won after the tiebreak and even before the match between Serbek and the Turks, they were sure of taking second place.

The Polish team had two balls to pass Turkey in the table and fight the United States in the semi-finals. In the end, only Piao Zeroni won after the tiebreak, so they finished fourth and will face Serbia in the next match. In this round, our volleyball players lost to the defending champions 0:3.

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