Diablo 4 Season of Constructs is available to all players.  Lots of new features on game servers

Blizzard has just released new content for Diablo 4. Players can take part in a new story and take on new challenges, and even those interested will have the opportunity to evolve their mech pet.

Diablo 4 debuted last year, but Blizzard continues to develop the game. The company has just released content for the third season – the IP fans can check out a lot of free content, which is expected to provide fans with a lot of attractions over the next three months.

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Season in Diablo 4 is also a time to say goodbye to previously developed characters. Heroes will be placed in the Unranked Zone, and players interested in checking out the new season of Constructs content will need to create new heroes.

Diablo Season 4 of Constructs will present a completely new story, in which this time we will go to dangerous vaults, where a new evil lurks – Demon Malfas has taken possession of the Loom and is using it to carry out his “cruel plans”.

Players will be introduced to a new story during which we will be able to access Senszel – The mechanical companion will be rescued by our hero during the adventure, and then we will use his help. The character is fully customizable and we can influence his powers and actions by obtaining Management Stones and Harmony Stones.

The Constructs Season also includes Ranking Challenges that will allow us to win more rewards, but in this case we will have to show great skills.

The studio has also improved the controls via WASD, improved the skill tree editing system and gold exchange interface, and even added additional tabs to the stash. You can find all the new products here.

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