She was imprisoned on charges of insulting the king.  The 28-year-old died

Netiporn Sanesangkhom was a Thai activist known by the pseudonym “Bung”. The woman was a member of the “Thalawang” group of protesters In Thailand who demanded democratic reforms. Its activists fall regularly Victims of surveillance and persecution by authorities. Bong was their victim.

The woman had been detained since January 26. She was detained there for a month under Section 112 – Lampooning His Majesty the King of Thailand. The sentence was then extended and the bail was cancelled. The 28-year-old woman announced a hunger strike to protest the illegal extension of her detention.

“Ms Nitiporn’s death is evidence that the problems of political prosecution and arrest of pro-democracy activists, especially in lese majeste cases, are still very much alive under the Pheu Thai government (Thailand’s ruling party – editor’s note).” Lawyers for TLHR say in a statement sent to TIME.

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28-year-old activist Bong died in prison

Thai media reported that the Department of Corrections Hospital, where Pong has been staying since February, informed the activist’s family of her condition on Tuesday morning, May 14. The 28-year-old girl was revived after she lost consciousness, and doctors diagnosed her as having suffered a cardiac arrest.

The woman was taken to Thammasat University Hospital in Bangkok. She died shortly afterwards. The Thai Minister of Justice ordered the formation of a committee to investigate Pong’s death. Her autopsy is scheduled to be performed soon.

Nitiporn’s tragic death in custody shows how brutal the punishments for defaming Thailand’s royal family are. 10 months after Srita took office (the new prime minister – editor’s note), Thailand remains as repressive as it was under military rule, Sunai Phasuk of Human Rights Watch told TIME.

Hundreds of repressed activists – prisoners cannot be released on bail

A wave of pro-democracy and anti-monarchy protests erupted in Thailand in 2020. According to TLHR, nearly 2,000 people faced a number of charges related to their participation in the protest movement. 270 activists, along with Bong, were charged with insulting His Majesty the King of Thailand. Many of them remain illegally imprisoned and without bail.

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