Scania 660R after tuning in the American style for international roads with a curtain

Very advanced tuning projects often stick to the country of registration. Being international increases the possibility of inspections, and as we know, not all forms of seizure by police and gendarmes are welcomed. Moreover, the most interesting configurations often have nothing to do with fuel economy, for example due to aerodynamic shortcomings. However, the owner of this unique Scania does not intend to just drive around the chimney and the opening route that passes through several countries. So let’s look at what makes this car stand out on the road, and what has changed about it and that’s why the word “unique” is not an exaggeration here.

The new Scania 660R V8, which has just taken delivery from a British aerospace company called Stephen Swain, is based heavily on American models. As with more popular models from that continent, there is no space to raise the roof above the cabin. The driver sits beneath the quilted leather headliner, and next to him is the classic cone-shaped interior lighting called “Watermelon”. Furthermore, there is no spoiler on the roof so as not to obscure the beautiful straight exhaust stacks. Instead, we find the typical American position lights, of course in orange, and an enlarged sun visor.

There is also no shortage of attractions in the back of the tractor. First of all, between the chimneys there is a tower with additional storage compartments similar to specialized transport vehicles. The tractor is also equipped with a third axle that is crawler in nature with dual tires. Below the rear bumper is a simple bumper with a classic round light, and just below it the keen eye will spot the American mud flaps. They are advertising the Chrome Shop Mafia tuning store from Missouri, which is one of the most famous stores in the United States.

Let’s go back inside for a moment, because there are many interesting things happening there. In addition to the previously mentioned quilted upholstery, there are additional storage compartments above the bed in the cabin. It’s important because there’s no luggage space above the windshield. In addition, the Briton used a four-spoke steering wheel, which for decades remained a cult item in American tuning. The chrome-plated center section may bring to mind pistol magazines, while the cruise control and on-board computer keys have been moved to the desktop. Right next to it is the famous capsule coffee machine.

Scania’s Americanized base will be Shrewsbury in western England. As I announced at the beginning, the work will be done on international roads. The first command led to Italy via the tunnel under Mont Blanc, while subsequent commands might lead, for example, to Spain or Scandinavia. The latest trend is the specialty of Steve Swain Transport, which has more interesting vehicles in its fleet. For this reason, the new tractor was attached to a standard 4m high trailer, and not to a higher British vehicle, which is not permitted in most parts of Europe.

The photos were published by the Dutch workshop Special Interior Truck Upholstery, which is responsible for modifying the interior. You can find more photos on his page Facebook page. As for the photo of the first round, you can find it below:

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