Not just the PS5 – the PS4 also got a disappointing update
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Aug 11, 2023, 21:11

On August 10, the PS4 console system software update to version 10.71 was released. Sony warns that the lack of updates may affect security.

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on charge page PlayStation Support shared a note about a new update for PS4. It doesn’t offer much, and like the last PS5 patch, it only provides minor improvements and is equally disappointing.

Control unit The previous generation turns 10 this year, so we don’t expect the updates to bring anything revolutionary. latest update according to sony, It only applies to the “System Performance” of the console. Old and new generation models are closely related, which is why the PS4 update, marking the PS5 patch, was highly anticipated.

PlayStation PS4 system update is very light – weighs approx. 500 MBWhich in itself is thought-provoking. The update can be started manually in the settings under System Software Update.

You surely expect that the latest update 10.71 will not help your devices to get better performance in video games. It is likely related to reinforcement Console security by improving compatibility with new accessories or by eliminating any bugs. At the same time, it is worth noting that PlayStation developers are very sensitive to any backdoors for their products and services. Sony has been encouraging users to report system vulnerabilities for some time, even offering compensation under the PlayStation Bug Bounty program.

According to the site GameProThe PS5 console may get a bigger update in a while, which will add new accessibility options, audio features, and better cloud streaming quality. Some smaller features may also be coming to PS4.

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