March 20, 2023


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Deathloop on PC is having problems.  Players criticize improvement

Deathloop on PC is having problems. Players criticize improvement

Deathloop It is another huge success for Arkane Studios. The game gathered enthusiasm ReviewsThe PS5 version average is an impressive 88/100. Unfortunately, it is clear that the French developers stick to their tradition, which states that the PC version is much lower. as with victim And 2 – Not being honoredThe PC version has many problems.

We can find a lot of votes from frustrated players steam. currently Deathloop Collects mixed reviews on the Valve platform (62% of positive user reviews). Among the comments, there are many complaints about the technical condition of the game. Some believe that the Arkane production is currently unplayable.

After playing for 2 hours I get a crash message every time I try to load the game so I can’t continue playing. Arkan embrace. I love your games, but this one should be more polished. Time to go back and wait for the promotion to take place.

– Juncalibur

This game has small bottlenecks even with better than recommended hardware. These jams can affect accuracy during the game. So I would advise against purchasing a computer port until it receives the appropriate updates.

– Modrox

The game is great, but optimization is a nightmare. Even on an RTX 3070 Ti at 1080p with the latest updates and RTX turned off, it stutters horribly. What is this ?? Engine problem. For now, I will ask for a return and I will consider the return for what? time.

– Rox

I can’t even start the game. I am able to go through all the options, but the moment I agree to them, the game reduces and informs me that there is not enough free space. I have 300GB of free space on my hard drive so all I can say is this is just a mess at launch and it’s best to stay away from this game until it’s fixed.

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– Ace Wolfgang

It seems that current PC owners should seriously consider buying it DeathloopWhere it can be associated with many problems. PS5 owners are in a better position. The console version of the game does not handle the above errors. It remains to be hoped, as in the case of the studio’s previous games, that its latest production will also receive a quick update that will improve the situation.