The fall of Babylon by Square Enix is ​​a fiasco
March 4, 2022, 11:50 am

The premiere of a new game from PlatinumGames went unnoticed. The lack of interest in the fall of Babel is clearly visible in the statistics of player activity.

In short:

  • for the first time fall of Babylona new game from the makers Yoke: automatic.
  • The first show went unnoticed.
  • At its peak, only 650 players launched the title on Steam.

Yesterday, a new game from the PlatinumGames studio appeared on the market. talking about fall of Babylonanother work by the well-received authors Yoke: automatic.

If you are not a fan of the Japanese studio, you may not have heard of the game at all. There will likely be more of these people, because the first show went completely unnoticed.

No one expected the fall of Babylon

On the failure scale published by Square Enix fall of Babylon The statistics on the site are the best evidence SteamDB. We learn that from them At its peak, production only started with 650 players.

The game was most popular on Twitch, with up to four thousand people watching the game’s broadcast. However, it did not last long, and now the number of viewers has decreased significantly.

Player ratings on steam Nor does it inspire optimism. At the moment, user reviews are mixed (53% of positive reviews). However, it must be remembered that due to the lack of interest, there are only 63 of them.

In the comments, we can find many voices of disbelief that he is too weak fall of Babylon Matches the same team that made the games Yoke: automatic And the Bayonetta.

All this means that both developers and gamers will likely want to forget about this game as soon as possible.

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