Steam, Epic Games Store - 3 free games on April 8, 2022
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April 8, 2022, 4:55 pm

We offer you free games that you can claim or test right now. Among them you will find, among others, the disappearance of Ethan Carter and the Black Desert.

Especially for you, we’ve reviewed the offers in digital distribution stores and prepared a list of productions that you can customize for free and permanently to your accounts this weekend.

warning: Some of the promotions below are time-limited, so some shows may be out of date (depending on when you watched them).

Epic Games Store

The Disappearance of Ethan Carter – The Choice is Free

The Disappearance of Ethan Carter It is an FPP adventure game released in 2014, developed by the Polish studio The Astronauts headed by Adrian Chmielarz. As part of the game, we play as private investigator Paul Prospero, who is trying to solve the mystery of the title. Production can be received free of charge until April 15, 17:00 Poland time.

Ethan Carter has disappeared from the Epic Games Store

Rogue Legacy – Free To Pick Up

rogue legacy It is a 2D roguelike platform game, originally released in 2013. As part of the game, we play the role of a hero who travels through randomly generated rooms of the castle, which are full of different dangers. If he fails, we control one of his descendants saddled with a genetic defect that affects gameplay. Production can be received free of charge until April 15, 17:00 Poland time.

Rogue Legacy on the Epic Games Store platform

Neon Abyss: DLC Chrono Trap – Free to pick up

If you own the game neon abyssYou’ll probably be glad that you can get an expansion of this title for free – chrono trap. The game offers, among other things, an endless mode and Titan Kronos, waiting to be defeated. The downloadable content will remain available for free until April 14th.

Neon Abyss – Chrono Trap DLC on Epic Games Store

Neon Abyss: DLC Chrono Trap – Free to pick up

DLC chrono trap under neon abyss Also available for free on So if you have your copy of the address on this platform, then You can get the add-on until April 14th.

Neon Abyss – Chrono Trap DLC Content at


Black Desert – Catch it for free

black desert It is an MMORPG released in 2014, set in a fantastic world. Players find themselves in the midst of the great war between the Calvian Republic and the Kingdom of Valencia. These factions fight for magical stones, the main source of which is the desert of the same name. As part of the game, we explore new locations, perform quests and, of course, fight with opponents. black desert It will be available until April 13, 19:00 Polish time.

Steamed Black Desert

Stumble Guys – Free to play game

We also recommend your free interest stumble you guyswhich has gained popularity recently. It’s an arcade production that can bring to mind, for example Falling Guys: The Ultimate Knockout. As part of the game we take up to 32 other players to the obstacle course and our task is to finish it in the first place at any cost. However, there are also other modes in the game, such as the well-known Capture the Flag shooter.

Stumble Guys on Steam

free weekend

Football Manager 2022 – Test

If you are a football fan, probably Football Manager Series You are no stranger to you. Ha The latest version It has received extremely positive reviews in the industrial media. If you deserve, you can check out the free weekend with this game on Steam which It will run until April 11, 19:00 Polish time. If you like the title, you can also benefit from promoting it. Any progress made in the test will be carried over to the full version.

Football Manager 2022 on Steam

New world – to the test

There’s also a free Steam Weekend with new world, an MMORPG from Amazon Game Studios, set in the setting of the American colonies in the seventeenth century, but with a mixture of magic and fantasy. as with Football Manager 2022And The game can be checked until April 11, 19:00 Poland time. The title has also been left out, and any progress made will be carried over to its full version.

A new world on Steam


After all, if you are a huge machine fan, then the network tests started yesterday Gundam evolutiona dynamic multiplayer FPP shooter in which we can fight against bots controlled by other players in closed arenas. This title will be available until April 12th. However, you must first request access to the tests.


We also encourage you to check out Sovereign SyndicateSteampunk RPG in style Disco Elysium. Details can be found at This message.

More exciting promotions and promotions for games, equipment and accessories for players can be found on our dedicated page

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