Dead Space remake is officially out with an introductory release date.  Developers confirmed the rumors

EA Motive has just confirmed that the Dead Space Remake launch window. We can’t count on a quick start to the expected story, but players can be sure the title will be improved – although we’ll wait for the fun.

Today’s presentation of Dead Space Remake focused on delivering refined, fresh sound. The creators realize that they can use sound to improve the players’ experience and want to present many scary scenes.

At the end of the event we received an important message: Dead Space Remake will premiere in early 2023. The studio has yet to provide details, but we can be sure they will come in the coming months. EA should provide a final release date soon.

The information is not a big surprise, because yesterday Jeff Group mentioned a change in EA’s plans – in his opinion, Dead Space Remake was supposed to hit the market in October 2022, but the developers were given additional months to improve the situation and meet the requirements of high expectations of fans.

I have the impression that Electronic Arts and EA Motive should not rush into this case. The creators have an excellent IP address in their hands, with which it is possible to create a new series, so it is better to wait and get mass production and at the same time.

>> Update status…

Editing the Window: Beginning of 2023…
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