Phil Spencer (Xbox) on Game Pass and Console Wars
December 7, 2021, 21:25

In an interview, Phil Spencer commented on the console wars and revealed whether Game Pass is profitable from the point of view of the Xbox division. He also expressed his desire to integrate players, regardless of their platform.

Xbox fans have reasons to celebrate this year. Twenty nominations for games on this platform for Game Awards 2021Very good sales of Microsoft consoles this year Black Friday and big Reviews games infinite aura (Production reviewer gave a note 8/ 10) attest to that. So it is certainly already green?? Can they stand back?? To compete with Sony and Nintendo. Xbox chief Phil Spencer in an interview with Edge magazine (via VGCPresentation of his position on the console wars:

I assign zero energy to things like: How can I make other platforms weaker, and make Xbox better??. I’m more interested in burgeoning dough the toy industry is more interested in than snacking on bits and other bits.

This is why we focus on functions such as crossplay and cross-save. I often think of scenarios where we can’t play together and analyze why. Shouldn’t this happen even if you buy it?? A different controller than mine. This does not make it easy for the industry to grow when we put artificial barriers in place.

Phil Spencer stated last year conversation With the protocol service that Microsoft’s main competitors are not Nintendo and Sony, but Amazon and Google. In addition, the head of Xbox has already announced his desire for an Xbox Game Pass Stream on every platform. For this reason, Edge magazine also asked him if said subscription is currently the company’s priority?? Spencer replied:

no not like that. (??) When you have your own platform, you have to consider many factors. Do I want to assume that everyone who uses the Xbox environment is subscribed to Game Pass? of course not. I want people to make their own choices. Some people just want to buy the toys we make and create their own collection.

You can buy an Xbox Game Pass subscription here

In the same interview, Phil Spencer also explained the profitability of this subscription. The funny thing is his statement?? Negates Fears From the former CEO of Sony to pay for similar services in the long run. It should be noted that well-known journalist Jason Schreyer recently spoke about the project Spartacus, supposed to be Sony’s response to a service?? green??.

Subscriptions give you a stable income. This is an important aspect of any business and a complement to the sudden increases in sales caused by individual individual offerings.

I know there are a lot of people who like to write that we smoke? Now the cash to finally get what?? pot of gold. No. Game Pass guarantees a very stable income at the moment and continues to grow.


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