David Fincher in “The Social Network 2.”  Doesn’t rule it out?
Lately, David Fincher has been answering questions not only about his latest film, “The Killer” (you can now see it in select theaters), but also about his previous works. Journalists are particularly interested in the film “The Social Network”, which still lives in the imagination of viewers because of the story it tells. Would the creator of Facebook’s founding story be willing to continue this story?

Trailer for the movie “The Social Network”

Facebook creation date. A computer genius from Harvard University created thefacebook.com, which unexpectedly broke records in popularity.

David Fincher in “The Social Network 2 Will It Be Made?”

Fincher responded to people interested in the possibility of a sequel to “The Social Network.”:
I talked to Aaron about this (Sorkin, screenwriter of the film – Editor’s note)But it’s… hmmm… a can of worms – he answered, apparently meaningfully, but not definitively.

However, we do know what Aaron Sorkin himself thinks about this idea. Two years ago, the screenwriter asserted the following: What has happened to Facebook over the past few years is a story worth telling, and could be told as a sequel to The Social Network As Far As I Know..

Sound promising?

While waiting for this issue to be resolved, we encourage you to watch the movie “The Killer”, which our editorial office liked so much that we awarded it the “Filmweb Recommends” quality mark, you can read our review at the link here.

“The Killer” movie trailer

The film’s hero is the titular killer, who has to fight his agents and himself in an international manhunt in which, he asserts, there is nothing personal. Starring Michael Fassbender.

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