After Maricarmen called his reference to Marín and Magali Madinah ridiculous to his ‘Babyton’: “Malicious people are coming to lie” |  Frandula |  Performances

He spoke loudly. Maricarmen Marin finally broke his silence , After announcing that she will be donating her baby shower gifts to shelters for mothers in need. Also, ‘Urraka’ invited Huachafa to give presents to her little Michaela and suggested ‘buy with her little plate’ to help.

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“Initially, many people were confused and wrote to me about how I was going to give my daughter’s gifts because we put it like a ‘unity baby shower’ … I don’t have a baby shower often I wanted to share it with you. I didn’t want to sit down and open my gifts, but really wanted to do something that would leave a mark, It can really carry a message “, The host of Mujer al-Mando, said in a possible note Event of Cassandra Sanchez and Jessica Newton, In it, Davis showed live the lavish gifts for Orosco’s son.

He also pointed out that “positive action” is beyond criticism.Even if the perpetrators come out and set out to lie, that is what they did, and no one regrets helping.Be brave, do things well. I do not regret bringing help. “, The singer said excitedly with the first donation of the show Pampalona’s Children’s Association.

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Finally he thanked the people who joined the women’s ‘Babiton’ and sent another missile against Magali Medina. “If you are the first step in doing something, do not regret it and do not listen to others. Do not listen to lies, do not use your time for a second to accommodate people who are not good-hearted, not good-hearted”, Done Maricarmen Marín.

Magali destroys babysitters for her unity

About a week ago, Magali Madinah was called ‘Huachafa’Maricarmen Marin After his announcement that his next baby shower gift will be donated to three shelters for low-income mothers.

“After Cassandra’s baby shower, there are some Huchachafs out there now: ‘I’m going to give away all the gifts for my baby shower.’ Who is the persecutor? Maricarmen Marin, Said the famous ‘Urraka’.

The comedy journalist questioned whether the Gumbia singer had any intention of giving gifts to his loved ones by his loved ones. Anyway, he suggested investing his money if he wanted to help the community.

If you want to give to others, take your plate, break the pig, buy gifts and give them. But you will never give what is given to you with affection and love. To learn“Mahali TV: La Firm” said the host.

Maricarmen makes it clear that Babyton is not her baby

A few days ago, Maricarmen Marin It took a few minutes from the Woman’s command to talk about this ‘Babyton’, an event he announced last Thursday, is aimed at helping shelters for mothers in need.

“This is Unity Baby Shower, ‘Babyton’. I said yesterday that we have been preparing for this Unity Baby Shower for several weeks so that everyone who wants to help can join this effort of the Woman in Command. This is a wonderful excuse, the arrival of my baby Michela … we three We have selected shelters, From Monday we started with ‘Babyton’ to help these mothers”, Said the driver.

He also pointed out that many of his friends and fans had asked him if he was going to donate his own baby shower gifts. “No, we are doing this solidarity work by asking for help from all the companies.”, He limited.

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