Daoud Kownaki was razed to the ground.  The worst on the field

On Friday evening, Werder Bremen lost away to Borussia Dortmund 0-1. Daoud Kownacki played from the first minute, but did not perform well. It was so bad that it received a 5.5 “Kicker” score. This means total drama.

Thomas Galinsky

David Kownaki

Getty Images/Leon Koegeler/Pictured: Davut Kownacki

Dawid Kownacki moved from Fortuna Düsseldorf to Werder Bremen before the start of the season. He had high hopes for this transfer, but the beginning proves harsh.

In Friday’s match against Borussia Dortmund, he had a chance from the first minute (which is not a rule) and did not perform well. He was substituted in the 68th minute and during that period he made 27 touches of the ball. He didn’t take any shots and seemed to be breathing down his sleeves in the second half.

“Kicker” has a rating scale from 1 to 6. One means world class, and six means utter despair. So 5.5 for Kownacki is not a positive. He described his performance as a tragedy.

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No other player on the field received such a low rating. Werder’s performance as a team has been poor, and a score of 5.5 is simply terrible. The other two lower-rated players than Werder are Marvin Daksch and Mitchell Weiser (each rated 4.5).

Kownacki has played just over 200 minutes in the Bundesliga this season. He did not score any goals. Rated three times by “Kicker”. He started with 3.5 in the big win over FSV Mainz (4-0), then got 5.0 after the match against Heidenheim (2-4) when he was substituted during the break. And now 5.5 after the 0-1 loss in Dortmund.

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