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snooker  2022 World Cup Final Ronnie O'Sullivan - Judd Trump's first and second sessions: score, report, video

snooker 2022 World Cup Final Ronnie O’Sullivan – Judd Trump’s first and second sessions: score, report, video

World Snooker Championship live in Eurosport and Eurosport Extra in Player

O’Sullivan and Trump will return to the table on May 2 at 2 p.m. You can watch their competition alike

It was broadcast on Eurosport 1 and online at Eurosport Extra in Player.

generational clash

In the semi-finals, the legendary John Higgins of Scotland and Welshman Mark Williams, who started their professional career with O’Sullivan in 1992, crashed out in Sheffield.

The battle for this year’s title is being fought between the English only. Both are famous for their highly effective offensive game. The 46-year-old is battling for his seventh Crucible Cup and Stephen Hendry’s record equalizer. In turn, Trump, younger than 14, is vying with his childhood star for the second world championship in his career after winning in 2019.

O’Sullivan Advantage after first session

Trump won fame in the last duel, and admired the incredible control of the white ball.

– It’s unbelievable, it’s a game that exceeds 99% access. Players – Eurosport commentators rubbed their eyes in amazement.

Video: Eurosport Great play by Trump in the first frame of the snooker World Cup finals

The 32-year-old finished the match with a break 72 times, when his opponent was still without a single punch.

O’Sullivan responded, however, befitting a six-time world champion. Horoscope 120, after the approaching period of another recorded with 68 points and took the lead.

Video: Eurosport 100 O’Sullivan in Frame 2 of the World Snooker Cup Finals

The fight at the table

The pace of the match decreased significantly in the fourth round of the afternoon due to the fight over the table. The older Englishman was grappling with a troublesome situation and clearly felt his nerves. He argued for a long time with Judge Olivier Martell over the status of white. In the end, he managed to put pressure on the arbitrator and impose a better stance.

Video: Eurosport Ronnie O’Sullivan and the referee in the snooker World Cup final

The torn match was not resolved until after extra time in the black match. O’Sullivan won it with an amazing play.

The missile was gradually increasing its advantage and was ahead in a ratio of 5:1 after six frames. By the way, he also scored the second hundred in this match and already fourteenth in the entire tournament.

Video: Eurosport O’Sullivan won black overtime in Frame 4 of the Snooker World Cup Final

The final match suddenly became one-sided, but thankfully, Trump came back at the end of the session. The 2019 champion closed the first part of the match with two winning frames and limited the losses to the score 3:5.

O’Sullivan ended the session with another discussion with the referee. When he said goodbye, in a gesture of dissatisfaction, he did not shake hands with the judge.

Video: Eurosport Ronnie O’Sullivan did not shake hands with the referee after the end of the first session of the World Cup Final.

O’Sullivan increased the distance

The snooker players returned to the game on Sunday evening after the break. However, the second session of the final was developing very slowly. Suffice it to say that both first frames of this part of the match were repeated. In the end, Trump saved first, scoring 73 breaks, but his opponent was better the next.

The outside fans hoped that the quota would be for the young player, so that the match, which was decisive for the title, would take place at the longest possible distance. O’Sullivan had completely different plans. He broke 118 in the eleventh game, close to the record of 16 “hundreds” in a single tournament for Stephen Hendry and Mark Williams. At this point, he only needed one.

Video: Eurosport 100 O’Sullivan in the eleventh frame of the World Snooker Cup final

Trump looked increasingly tired. Meanwhile, The Rocket, who dictated the terms, increased the lead and after 14 shots his advantage was already 10: 4. He only missed the aforementioned “hundredth”, although he was preparing the next high violations (97 and 87).

The 2019 champ finally broke the streak with an 80-point approach. However, he did not manage to do more that day. O’Sullivan finished Sunday with two notable playoffs (60 and 88) and a lead of 12:5. On Monday, he only needed six matches won to claim the seventh world title of his career.

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Source: eurosport.pl

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