June 2, 2023


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Official: Lech Poznan with the first promotion for the 2022/2023 season

Official: Lech Poznan with the first promotion for the 2022/2023 season

Lech Poznan, the current Polish champion, made his first transfer before the 2022/2023 campaign. His colors were supported by Artur Rud´ko.

It took a long time to analyze the candidates and talk to the players before “Kolejorz” got into action, but here it is. The club acquired the services of a new goalkeeper.

Until recently, the 30-year-old Ukrainian was linked to Paphos, but his contract has expired. Previously, he signed a preliminary contract, agreeing to perform in Metalist Kharkiv. Because of the constant battles in his homeland, this is not possible.

With this in mind, Artur Rodeco himself and his club favorably considered the offer of Lech Poznan. This lease was valid until June 30, 2023 with an option to purchase. If activated, the footballer will be bound by a two-year contract.

– He has a lot of experience, because a native of Dynamo Kyiv, he had the opportunity to play for this club in the Champions League. He spent the last three seasons in Paphos, Cyprus, where he received very good reviews and kept two clean sheets. In terms of skills, he is great in the goal line, very good in front, also good in his legs, and he can also work with the defense line. Hopefully we’ve got a full goalkeeper – summed up Tomas Rosa, the team’s sporting director from Wielkopolska.

Golkiper took home the number one jersey and after his stay in Poland he can imagine a lot more. He replaces Mickey van der Hart on the team.

– I know that the Polish league is strong. Physically demanding, but full of good players at the same time. I also know that my new team will now qualify for the Champions League. It will be a great opportunity for Poznan and the club to represent Poland at the top of the European arena – said the player.

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Rud´ko in Paphos, Cyprus, played 92 matches and kept 33 clean sheets.