Is this the end of Runjaic in Pogoń?  Unexpected conference.  Football Legion Chance

Bogon Szczecin Stand chance of historical success. The team led by Costa Rungic is the captain Ekstraklasa after 26 matches And it has an advantage over Raków Częstochowa And Lech Poznan. Chase can win the first tournament polishing in the club’s history. The future of the German coach is still unknown, as his contract with Duma Pomerania is only valid until the end of the season. There are many indications that there will be a breakout on Thursday.

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Pogoń press conference without warning. The end of cooperation with Runjaic?

Janekx89 and the portal It was unanimously announced that Pogoń Szczecin announced a press conference at which the club’s authorities and the coach would appear. Costa Rungayo. “I see a lot of theories and data that if this were the case, Costa Rungaysh would definitely extend the contract. I would be very surprised if this came up. Last week I heard about a 10% chance from the coach’s environment” – Janekx89 wrote in Twitter. An expert with good knowledge of the subject EkstraklasaIt is believed that the two sides will announce the end of their cooperation at the end of the season.

“Why this conference? To cut off unnecessary speculation. They promised fansThat until the end of February it will be known what to do next. A sign for foreigners too coachesthat they will be looking for a coach and more wiggle room in the search for a new coach” – adds Janekx89. In recent months, Kosta Runjaić has not complained about caring about her person, Because he refused the offer to manage the Greek national teamIn addition, his status is monitored by Legia Warszawa and Schalke 04.

The official announcement of the end of cooperation with Pogoń Szczecin by Runjaic will be good news, especially for LegiaWho sees it as a candidate for the club in the new season. – at Toy There are two coaches – Jacek Zieliński, the Army’s sporting director, said in an interview with “Przegląd Sportowy”. Apart from Kosta Runjaic, Legia is considering further cooperation with her Alexander Vukovic.

A press conference will be held with Runjaic on March 24th at 13:00.

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