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Media around the world write about the future of Cristiano Ronaldo. On the pages of the largest newspapers, fans can read about various scenarios related to the future of the Portuguese. Italian journalists once reported that his departure from Juventus is not a foregone conclusion, as the footballer and his family are satisfied in Turin. In addition, there was no willingness to recruit a football player and take up his star salary.

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Cristiano Ronaldo took over the leadership of Juventus? Sari lost his clothes. [SEKCJA PIŁKARSKA #52]

And once again, Spanish media reported that Ronaldo had wanted to leave Juventus six months ago and nothing has changed in this regard. Two possible directions have been mentioned – Real Madrid and Paris Saint-GermainIt will all depend on where it ends up Kylian Mbappe. Recently, rumors have grown that Ronaldo will replace the Frenchman in the Paris team. According to the latest information from the Spaniards, Ronaldo spoke to Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Real Madrid.

Barcelona is not the only one in trouble. The catastrophic situation of Inter

Cristiano Ronaldo has left no illusions about his future. ‘No one cares about the truth’

Finally, the self-interested person took the floor. He left no illusions about his future. The Portuguese cut off all speculation by introducing Instagram.

Everyone who knows me knows how much I focus on my work. “Less talk, more work” has been my motto since the beginning of my career. However, taking into account everything that has been said and written recently, I must present my position – Ronaldo started his position.

The footballer believes that “the absurd way in which my future is portrayed in the media is more contemptuous for the clubs involved in rumors, their staff and players than for me as a human being and a player.” In the following, he directly indicates his possible return to real Madrid.

My story was written in Real Madrid. Her memory was revived. With words, numbers, awards, titles, records and titles. It is in the museum at the Estadio Bernabeu and is also in the memory of every fan of the club. In addition to what I have achieved, I remember that during these nine years I had a deep affection and respect for the fans. The affection and respect she has maintained to this day and which I will always cherish. I know that the true fans of Real Madrid will always be in their hearts and I will put them in my heart, as Cristiano confirms.

Euro 2020 star in Juventus!  Huge transfer deal in the Italian leagueEuro 2020 star in Juventus! Huge transfer deal in the Italian league

– Apart from this last episode in SpainThere were often news and stories about many clubs in many different leagues, and no one was interested in trying to find out the truth. Now I have broken my silence to say that I cannot allow people to continue to play in my name. I stay focused on my career and work, committed and ready for all the challenges I have to face. Everything else just talks Portuguese.

Cristiano Ronaldo Currently preparing for the new season league. Next Sunday, Juventus will play their first match of the season against Udinese Calcio.

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