Widzew Łódź defeated Ruch Chorzów.  The Blues played with nine players

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Ruch Chorzów’s Łódź players defended with nine men for a long period in the match against Widzew. In the end, the hosts broke the visitors’ defense and won 2-1.

On the second attempt, we were able to play a friendly match in Lodz. On October 22, water that flooded the stadium prevented the match from taking place. About four weeks later, the players took to the field.

Widzew entered the match weak. Several players are in the national team’s training camps, many of them recovering from injuries, and Mato Milos has been suspended due to warnings. Roach lacked a young player. Tomasz Wójtowicz will not play until the end of the tour.

The homeowners tried to impose their conditions and attack from the beginning. The guests paid more attention to defence.

In the 14th minute, Lodz fired the only shot on goal in the first half. Antoni Klimek received a cross and the header was effectively blocked by Krzysztof Kamiński.

A few dozen seconds later, the Blues scored a goal. After receiving a corner kick, Tomasz Podstowski received the ball, it bounced off the defender’s back and hit the crossbar. Mateusz Bartolevski reached it and headed it into the goal.

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After taking the lead, the visitors retreated and focused on not conceding any goals. In the 23rd minute, Jordi Sanchez defeated Kaminsky in a one-on-one match. The goal could not be awarded due to the Spanish player being offside.

The 14-time Polish champions took a modest lead in the second half. Widzew was looking for an equaliser, and several clashes took place in Chorzów’s penalty area, but without any consequences.

The movement found its opportunity at the end of the first show. Kacper Skwierczyński’s assist showed great danger but no one could stop it.

The locals needed just over 120 seconds to equalize after changing sides. Fabio Nunes decided to shoot from about 17 metres. The ball spun and hit the goal near the post. Kaminsky didn’t even move.

From the 51st minute, Roach played poorly. Konrad Kasulek and Szymon Szymanski behaved tragically in defence. The first passed incorrectly to his partner, and instead of kicking the ball he tried to take it. As a result, Nunes reached out to her. Szymański removed the player who was in a clear position, flush with the grass, and after a while he went to the locker room.

Widzew attacked. It seemed that scoring a goal for Lodz was only a matter of time. Ruch focused on defending the equalizer and was unable to threaten Jan Krzywański. In the 59th minute, Fran Alvarez shot from about 16 meters away, and the defenders left a lot of space for the opponent. Kaminsky kicked the ball.

From the 65th minute, the visitors played with nine players! Kasolic obstructed Klimek, who was in a clear position, and the referee had no choice.

The game image has not changed. Widzew attacked, and the Blues couldn’t get out of their own half. In the 79th minute, Kaminski confidently blocked Davut Tkac’s dangerous shot.

Three minutes later, the goalkeeper saved the Blues again. Kaminski first blocked Dominic Kuhn’s attempt, then Luis da Silva’s effort. In the 87th minute, Widzew scored their goal. Da Silva’s shot was blocked by Kaminsky, and Sanchez corrected it, but it was saved. Marek Hanosek finally got the ball and shot it from about 16 metres, which was impossible to defend. There was no movement in Satan to respond.

Widzew Łódź – Rukh Chorzo 2:1 (0:1)
0:1 – Mateusz Bartolevski 16′
1:1 – Fabio Nunes 47′
2:1 – Marek Hanousek 87′


Widziw Lodz: Jan Krzywanski – Patrick Stepinski, Mateusz Ciro, Luis da Silva, Pawel Zielinski (72′ Imad Rondic) – Dominik Kun (82′ Bartlomiej Pawlowski), Marek Hanosik, Fran Alvarez (90+1′ Ignacy Daoud) – Fabio Nunes (90+) ) 1′ Ernst Terbiowski), Jordi Sanchez, Anthony Klimek (72′ Dawid Tkac).

Roach Chorzo: Krzysztof Kaminski – Konrad Kasolek, Simon Szymanski, Maciej Sadluk, Mateusz Bartolewski – Kasper Skoerczyński (Jan Sedlak in 67′), Tomasz Swidrowski, Tomasz Podstowski (67′ Lukasz Moneta), Dominik Styczek (55′ Przemyslaw Szor) – Mi Losz Kozak (83′ Kasper Michalski), Daniil Szczepan (55′ Michal Felix).

Red cards: Szymanski (Roche) /51′, tactical foul/, Kasolek (Roche) /65′, tactical foul/.

Judge: Tomasz Kwiatkowski (Warsaw).

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