Israel.  Media: The United States stopped the shipment.  “The first case of its kind”

Axios reported, citing information from Israeli officials, that the United States is not currently delivering the promised equipment to Israel.

This is the first case of its kind From the October 7, 2023 event.

We read: “This incident has greatly concerned the Israeli government.” The portal was unable to obtain comments on this matter from the White House, the Pentagon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel.

Axios reports that US President Joe Biden is facing severe criticism from part of the American public regarding his support for the authorities in Tel Aviv.

The main problem is The city of Rafah, located on the border of the Gaza Strip and Israel. The Israeli army, which entered the Gaza Strip after the October Palestine offensive, fought on the Palestinian side, from northern Gaza City to the central city of Khan Yunis.

The last big city is Rafah. Israeli intelligence believes the organization’s leaders are also there, and perhaps also the surviving hostages who were kidnapped from Israel in October. However, as a result of the fighting in the north, evacuated civilian residents also arrived in the city. The city’s population reached about 275,000 people in September last year. Population, perhaps for now Home to up to 1.4 million people.

gauze. The United States will not support an Israeli attack

The United States has emphasized this several times, though Israel enjoys its “iron” support.They will not support the attack on Rafah unless they have a credible plan to protect civilians.

During the last week A meeting between the Israeli Prime Minister and the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, representative of the US President, said that a major military operation in Rafah would lead to popular opposition from the United States and would have a negative impact on US-Israeli relations.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Saturday during a conference in Washington that the Biden administration has made clear to Israel that the way it will manage the Rafah operation will be appropriate. It will have an impact on American politics Towards the conflict in Gaza.

The war in the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu’s position on the United States

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued several statements in recent days in which he said that he intends to order an attack on Rafah regardless of that. Will Israel and Palestine reach an agreement?

– If we do not defend ourselves, no one will defend us. “If we have to act alone, we will be left alone,” Netanyahu said.

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