A convoy of 10 Russians from Kamas detained in Poland.  Vehicles are specially marked

40ton.net reported the arrest. Kamazy was stopped on Thursday near Suwałki by the road transport inspection. Vehicles were stopped at MOP Rudniki on the S61 road, and the case was handled by at least two police cars from the state services. Russian trucks should not be in Poland, because everywhere European UnionTransportation from a country ruled by Vladimir Putin has been banned.

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Private recordings of the Russian Kamazis

The gate is back comments T to license plates vehicles. True, the cars come from Tatarstan (where KAMAZ is based and its main plant), but the number “16” in boardsNot the above message. “T” means that the cars were intended for export abroad border Russia.

More information from the country On the home page Gazeta.pl

So they are probably factory the new Trucks that went to customers. The question is how the convoy’s passage will be interpreted. Will it be found incompatible with Penaltiesthat is, for illegal transportation, or perhaps for ordinary transportation, because trucks Not loaded?

As indicated by 40ton.net, the Kammaz captured is model 43118. It is equipped with a 2.5-ton chassis with a 6×6 engine, designed for operation in difficult terrain conditions. “These cars are also offered by the Polish importer of the brand, so far they are equipped with American Cummins engines of 6.7 liters, which meet the exhaust emission standards Euro 6. Also, fire trucks of the model 43118 were manufactured in Poland” – we read in the outlet.

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