PPK.  Approximately 2.3 million Poles are saved in this way.  The portal has been launched for them

You can log into the MojePPK portal using a trusted profile or account on the website. After logging in, the site displays information about the accumulated savings and PPK accounts, including the names of employers and PPK managers, but Orders relating to savings are not allowed.

In the details of each account, you can check the current value of the accumulated funds and the amount of payments made, divided into contributions from the employee, the employer and government benefits. The site also contains information about withdrawals or refunds from the account, if any. It also allows you to create a report with a summary of account data and a summary of all funds collected in PPK. The site is available in Polish, English and Ukrainian languages.

– MojePPK is a breakthrough step in implementing employee capital plans, making it easier for the employee to notice how The capital of the future. So far, only about 22 percent have logged into their account. Program participants. The ability to quickly check the status of your savings in one place and confirm specific and measurable earnings will strengthen the PPK participants’ belief that it is worth being in the program – said PFR Portal PPK President Robert Zapotochny.

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