Deadly Wine Fermentation Vapors: Two winemakers from the same family lose their lives

Two winemakers in their sixties lost their lives Sunday in Lansico, northern Spain, when one of them fell into a wine fermentation tank at the family winery and tried, in vain, to save his brother-in-law.

“We would all have done to save a member of the family,” lamented Mayor Itzier de Álava Martínez de Icaya, who was “deeply shocked” by the deaths of two well-known local residents, the report said. Glass Wednesday.

On Sunday, 60-year-old Gerardo Zubera was busy monitoring the wine fermentation process in a warehouse when he slipped into the vat in front of his brother-in-law Felix Crespo, 61.

It was then that the latter rushed towards the tank to pull him in, before falling down. British media reported that they both died of carbon dioxide fumes.

A 31-year-old man, whose identity or relationship to the victims has not been released, was reportedly taken to hospital after suffering from vapour.

This type of incident is not uncommon among winemakers, as the vapors released by the fermentation process are quickly fatal.

Last September, Prosecco maker Marco Betolini lost his life in a vat after he managed to pull out an unconscious colleague in the same way. Glass.

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