Prince of Persia escapes from hell.  The creators of The Rogue Prince of Persia postponed the debut to avoid confrontation

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Wanting to avoid competing with Hades 2, the creators of The Rogue Prince of Persia decided to postpone the game’s Early Access debut. They jokingly explain that they want to give Hades a “head start” before they take any action.

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Ubisoft has announced the new date for the game Rogue Prince of Persia In early access. The clip below reveals that It will be released on the market on May 27, 2024.

Original post (May 10)

A few days ago, the action game Hades 2 debuted in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store, and the continuation of the successful indie game quickly conquered both platforms. The success of the work was noted by the developers from the Evil Empire studio, who decided to postpone the premiere of the action game on the platform with roguelike elements scheduled for May 14. Rogue Prince of Persia W early access.

In copied via steam message The creators directly explain that the reason for the decision is undeniable popularity Al Hadesa 2Which you shouldn’t compete with. The developers emphasized that although they believe in their game, a “short delay” is the best option they can choose in this situation.

Despite our complete confidence in him Rogue Prince of Persia, it is unusual for a game of the same genre, which is one of the most anticipated productions of 2024, to be released in Early Access a week before the planned premiere. We are not proud enough to ignore the potential consequences of this and truly believe that this short delay is the best decision for us and our Early Access flight.

Evil Empire Team – a studio affiliated with Motion Twin, which took care of the development Dead cells – He confirms that The additional time will be used to make further improvements to the game, which will be implemented in the first update.

The creators don’t reveal exactly when Rogue Prince of Persia It will be released in Early Access, but the debut will definitely take place in May. Detailed information about this matter will be provided on Monday, May 13. The developers jokingly added that it would be fair to give Abyss 2 forums before they take action themselves. We would like to remind you that the new game with Prince of Persia was officially announced on April 10.

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