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Lidl has prepared a unique offer for its customers, which will allow them to save on a product that we all use every day. The promotion won’t last long, so it’s worth hurrying up. How can I get free gifts for 1 Gross Token?

Lidl does not give way to competition and Constantly entices customers with newer and newer promotions. Sie declares the will to protect Polish families from the effects of inflation, It recently expanded its promo. Permanent measures such as cheap Saturday rates or Lidl rates have been added to, among others, free wedges of great interest to consumers. Liddell does not intend to stop there.

Another opportunity has opened up in traditional Lidl stores, which is difficult to bypass. talking about 2 + 1 share for PLN 0.01 LED bulbs. Its rules are simple – you have to put three products in the basket so that one (the cheapest) gets the quality Free for a token. We will save not only money, but energy as well.

Poles face an accelerating rise in energy prices. One effective way to save is LED technology, which is characterized by lower demand for electricity, which translates into lower home maintenance costs. In order to help customers monitor their accounts, Lidl Polska offers a special promotion – Announces the Polish branch of Lidl.

The promotion action 2 + 1 for PLN 0.01 will only be valid November 7-9, 2022 or while supplies lastTherefore, if we want to take advantage of it, it is worth hurrying, so as not to miss the opportunity before us.

There are definitely more ways to save in Lidl. Starting Monday, November 7, as part of the “Lidl Library”, more than forty books for children and young adults are available. From 6.99 PLN per piece. In addition, on Wednesday, November 9, to the stores Popular action with free returns. as part of Free display of bars This time, if you can get edam cheese in a slice of Pilos brand for free. In order to get 1 package for free, a special 1 + 1 free coupon must be activated in the Lidl Plus app.

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