Instagram pornbots how scam works

“They usually have a lot of numbers in their name and few followers. They’re porn bots. Their main job is to get attention. Usually it’s on the link in the bio (has a scam or other virus) or encourage interaction (yes, you can talk) to these bots) ”- recently wrote on Twitter Wojtek Kardyś, business consultant, specialist in online communication and digital marketing

In an interview with, Cardew admitted that the phenomenon is “huge”. – It’s been going on for a while. It consists in the fact that porn profiles that should not appear on a social network are publicly available like our insta stories. For what purpose? To interest us, click on the profile. Perhaps to establish contact, to speak with the help of artificial intelligence. And all this makes us interested in buying a subscription, perhaps for a scam or viruses visit our phone or computer. You should not click on these profiles. Especially the links. It could cause us to get the virus or make us invest in something we don’t want Cardis confirms.

There are no statistics on the problem, but as the expert adds, the phenomenon is certainly not getting rarer. – I can say about the private client accounts I manage in PR, or my Instagram accounts: the problem is getting worse. There are more and more such spam. But on Instagram there is absolutely no information that such a problem exists. There is no discussion and no pressure on the platform to do something – says Cardio.

Unfortunately, Instagram does nothing about it. I ban accounts like this all the time and they keep coming back. absurd act. The expert believes that Instagram most likely has no idea how to deal with it.

What actions can the platform take to tackle porn bots? Make signing up more difficult, as LinkedIn did, since you have to prove you’re human. Show evidence, answer the question, where do you work, where do you live. You just have to make it more difficult to register, an email address alone is not enough, Kardyś believes.

Just enter once

– I don’t agree that Instagram is doing nothing because these accounts are going down, they are banned, but they are reborn – says Jacob Witwer, Managing Editor of Spider’s Web +. – Although Instagram certainly could do more, for example, block the IP number of such an account. However, the site doesn’t do much.

It also draws attention to the lack of statistics on the phenomenon. “But it’s so intense that once you’re in it, you can’t escape.” I wrote about it large text Almost two years ago. As part of my research, I noticed quite a few of these accounts, wrote a text, and unfollowed them, but to this day I get invites from the most beautiful girls on Instagram, who, by a strange coincidence, only have a few photos on their site. account. Any new accounts created after previous ones were blocked – adds the journalist. – I regularly receive private messages with links encouraging you to view their photos or offering new ways to earn money. Maybe my instagram account got into the database of suckers to whom criminals send links in private messages – Wątor adds.

The editor of Spider’s Web + also tells how these criminals obtain images of women, which they later use in their evil practices. These images are being circulated on the dark web. A hacker inadvertently hacked into a girl’s email and stole nude photos she had once sent to her boyfriend who is in love. Nude photos are circulating on places like OnlyFans, Wątor explains, and less nude photos end up on Instagram.

What can Instagram do? It is not possible to enter verification of accounts by uploading photocopies of documents. – It’s a utopia. People still see this verification as a violation of the right to privacy. If any social network introduces mandatory user verification through an identity document, it is likely to lose half of its users. People just don’t want to do that. And this method won’t work, because serious platforms will shoot themselves in the foot that way, says Witwer.

According to a Mediapanel study, in January, Instagram on browsers had 5.7 million users in Poland (19.21 percent reach), who spent an average of 23 minutes and 23 seconds there. The mobile app has been visited by 10.8 million users (36.36% reach), and they spent an average of 6 hours, 45 minutes and 19 seconds there.

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