Corona Virus.  Horban in the fourth wave of COVID-19

a. Hurban urged everyone to encourage vaccination against the coronavirus.

– It is true that the results of vaccination are good, but we would like 20 percent. He said people over the age of 70 who have not yet been vaccinated have been vaccinated as it is a life-saving measure in this case.

a. “He will meet in the ward with some unvaccinated people, and for some this will be the last encounter with the protection of health,” Horban stressed. The prime minister’s advisor on COVID-19 has admitted that he meets in the hospital every day with people who have not been vaccinated, even though they had the opportunity to do so and were seriously ill.

When asked about development predictions for the fourth wave of the epidemic, A. “I don’t think there will be 10,000 injuries,” Horban said.

– If we take into account that 60 percent of vaccinations. Adults – this is data from Monday – that’s 60 percent. Properly protected against heavy mileage. Well, in general, before you get infected at all, but let’s say you can get sick, but this course is usually mild. So 40 percent remains. The unvaccinated adult community. Half of these people have contracted COVID-19 (…). So, we’re left with 20 percent. He evaluated an unvaccinated adult population who did not have antibodies and who were likely to get sick.

He stressed that he is “fairly quiet when it comes to fall.” – Even those five or ten thousand. This is a large number of infections per day. However, this is not such a disastrous number as 30-40 thousand. per day, because that number can really destroy health care-appropriate activity, because that’s the stress of COVID patients who need treatment and for 4.6.8 weeks, the whole system is focused on saving these people’s lives — he said.

However – according to prof. Hurban – The number of people exposed to acute coronavirus infections is currently five times less than the total adult population, so this strain on the healthcare system is expected to be less.


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