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It should be noted that it was Alfredo Relanio who created the famous text “The General Theory of Villarato” 12 years ago on the support of the federation and, as a result, the Barcelona rulers. This text can be found here.

To marryOdco Parsagit President Laporta defends himself by throwing the golden ace on the table: Social madridismo. It contains the key to this external plasma that surrounds everything and drives us to action. From the slogan “Madrid is robbing us” expressed by Artur Mas in Parliament due to social cuts madridismo Joana Laporta. They both know that there is a large part of Catalonia that is buying into this trend. And yes, there is a social problem madridismoWe do not doubt that, a different position would be useful for Laporta to change the discourse. It exists, but there is primarily Enríquez Negrera, whose agreements with Barcelona have not been revealed by sociology madridismoradial program He is In Barcelona it is called “What are you playing with?“Run by believers Barcelona fansBut they are also warriors for good journalism who have not remained silent about this information. This has led to major problems in their homeland, where Barcelona is more than just a club, where Barcelona is practically a national cause.

The thing is that, over the course of 18 years and four presidents, Barcelona paid their vice-president referees generously and stopped paying him exactly when he stopped being one. One of his tasks was to meet with each referee in the middle of the season in a closed room to tell everyone how well they performed and whether they were in the first group (international), the second group or the third group (relegation group). What they talked about stayed in the room.

Laporta confirms that no judge who received money from Negrera will appear and he will be right. I don’t think something like this would happen, because even if it did, it would be difficult to find. However, this is not necessary to help a specific team. Just send the pigeons home and the hawks on the flights, and do the opposite with your competitor [w ten sposób zmarły dziennikarz Alfonso Azuara określał sędziów twardych i miękkich – dop. red.]. It also helps that they are somehow wrong in certain situations. On Saturday, Rodriguez Santiago conceded the goal through the hand of Messi (who was without Tamudazo will give Barcelona the championship), and on Monday he was entrusted with the task of officiating the Copa del Rey final. Daouin Ibañez disallowed Atletico’s legal goal against Real Madrid and lost his international referee status. Trisante Oliva killed his career after awarding a penalty kick to Real Madrid in the match against Valencia, which was considered a penalty kick. Oshiro Nagi [Marchena powalił Raúla chwytem zapaśniczym, w którym odnaleziono chwyt z judo – dop. red.].

No, you don’t have to pay or give obnoxious orders. In the World Cup, the referee never made a mistake against Germany, Brazil and Italy…unless they were facing the home team. Rarely does anyone who reaches this level not know where the wind is blowing from. And if there is something, you can suggest something to him in private meetings, like in this room where Enriquez Negrera simply told you how to do it and not to give up.

These are things that cannot be proven, that much is clear. I even think that Judge Joaquin Rodriguez will only help him by trying to frame Laporta with this strange way of calling Enriquez Negrera a public servant, because when this soap bubble bursts, Laporta will be able to say that nothing happened here. And it happened.

At that time, Barcelona had players who achieved excellence. They had no role in the scam and feel bad when they hear they are going with the flow. They didn’t even have to notice it because they lived absorbed in their perfection. Xavi was honest in his complaintsAlthough he mixed up a lot of things. The doping topic actually came out of Assen Madrid, was false, and was only bought by a radio journalist countersWho is no longer working in his profession, no one followed the rabbit and there was no case. No one talked about it in Madrid, and there was no credibility to it. But it is remembered in Barcelona because it was very painful there. By the way, the rest of the press in Madrid didn’t go after the rabbit either Villarato. It was pure battle KWho set off in pursuit because this rabbit was real.

Alphonse Goodall, Laporta’s vice-chairman, felt a moment of naivety when he spoke about the matter after leaving the club. Villarato in the TV Antenna 3Then bad luck with Enriquez Negrera led to the screw being closed. Villarato was present and it was not just through Laporta’s support for Villar in the very close elections for the position of federation president, as I had thought. It turned out that everything was oiled.

Was this money of any use? Comparing the national titles, i.e. the Spanish League, the Spanish Cup and the Super Cup, during the period of strife, Barcelona won 22 of them (9+6+7) and Real Madrid 10 (6+2+2). Outside of Spain, and far from the shadow of Enriquez Negrera, the combined Champions League, European Super Cup and Club World Cup titles give Real Madrid a win by 15 (5+5+5) to Barcelona’s 10 (4+3+3). ). Bottom line: 22:10 for Barcelona in Spain, 15:10 for Real Madrid abroad. This doesn’t prove anything, but…

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