Compare vaccination with the Holocaust.  scandal in germany

According to the rbb24 portal, the teacher worked for a short time at one of the vocational schools in Berlin. Schools in Germany started the school year in early August.

The man has been known as the coronavirus suspect since the start of the pandemic. On YouTube, he manages the “Teacher from Berlin” channel. There he criticized the idea of ​​educational authorities suggesting vaccination in vocational schools.

In one of the videos, “he illustrated his statement with a diagram comparing vaccination to the Holocaust – the killing of millions of Jews by the National Socialists in Europe” – he describes rbb24.

Currently, the teacher has been suspended from performing his duties and is not allowed to enter the school.

The information obtained by rbb24 shows that he must take into account the disciplinary consequences from the educational authorities, from which he has already received a warning. It is possible to file a crime report.

Last year, Berlin police investigated a teacher for “subversive activity”.

The number of coronavirus infections in Germany continues to increase. The vaccination campaign is also continuing.

The Berlin Institute Robert Koch (RKI) reported 5,578 new infections on Friday, up from 3,448 a week earlier.

Many cases occur especially among people in the 10-34 age group.

As evidenced by the RKI data, the age of hospitalized COVID-19 patients is also declining: while the median age at the beginning of the year was 77, it was 48 last week.

New infections per 100,000 The population for the past seven days Friday was 30.1 – RKI reports. This indicator has been continuously growing for weeks.

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